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Virtually all that has humanity, it is obliged to books. Judge for yourself. All the great research and achievements recorded in the books. And before you open a new law of physics, the scientist thoroughly studied have written books on this science. So in everything. It is impossible to invent something new, not based on previous experience, as described in the books. Books - a great value. Remember the story of Caesar and Cleopatra. That moment when Caesar conquered Egypt. The Egyptians were ready to give him all the gold in the country, but he would not burn the library. They considered their main library and most valuable asset. And with each generation the value of knowledge, the prisoners in the books is increasing. Of course, today there is no need to spend hours in libraries, information access is a pair of computer keys. But if for the sake of obtaining new knowledge people read books. Is it possible to read Jane Eyre in order to gain knowledge. But what a pleasure and experience we gain from reading this great work. And when you read about the investigations, Commissioner Maigret physically feel the beginning to stir the gray cells of the brain, looking for the perpetrator together with the main character.